40 Years MMCN jubilee.

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40 Years MMCN jubilee.

Bericht door KEEPONMINORING » di 11 feb 2014 16:43:21

40 Years MMCN jubilee.
In 2014, the MMCN (Morris Minor Club Nederland) exists 40 years and it will be celebrated in a great way!The MMCN has a tradition of celebrating good parties, as well as organizing weekends, so why not combine these two traditions?
At least that was the startingpoint of the organizing comitee with Cees Huisman as frontman.
The Whitsun weekend of 2014 was fast decided as the ideal date, and Bant as the place to be! A large number of MMCN members still have good memories of weekends held at Bant in the past decades.
Ok we have a date, we have a place, now the question was, what to do and what can be arranged during the three days event? After visiting the location, we were convinced that a number of Holiday homes can be rented and there is sufficient space for caravans and tents, and of course Morris Minors. Details will follow in a separate article.
Most important is that during the weekend there will be items organised for everybody.
As traditional on a campsite we will have a campfire in the evening, a barbecue and a collective meal with all participants in the best tradition of the MMCN will be organised. Furthermore there will be a party evening with Music appropriate to our Morris Minors. During this evening, there will be some nice surprises, I won’t tell you now, they are surprises as you will understand.. but it will be fantastic! Some people are already now practising for a musical surprise anyway. A special tour to several interesting points, yes, you are driving on a former bottom of the sea, or a tour around very nice spots. Its you who may choose.
We won’t forget the people who don’t have that much fun as we do have during the weekend and a nice charity auction will be held during the weekend. To make this auction a great success, we will ask you to bring something with you to enter the auction. Everything, ok keep it decent, almost everything can be auctioned. Especially when you bring something Morris Minor related to bring into the auction, the proceeds will be good. By the way, we already have some unique items that will be auctioned so don’t forget your wallet with a few bob in it.
As usual there will be a Minor parts jumble, so take your obsolete parts with you. There will be events organised for everybody between 0 and 99 years thus giving you no reason not to come.
As the organizing committee, and on behalf of the club directors, we would invite everybody to join us from 6 to 9 june 2014 in Bant, Netherlands.
The MMCN did make a generous donation to the organizing commitee, so the entrance fee for this fantastic weekend will be affordable for everyone.

Best regards, Anke, Greet, Liesbeth, Margriet, Toto, Anton, Bernard, Cees, Siep and Bert.

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